Covid-19 – You are Part of the Solution

While governments around the world struggle to deal with the virus that has shaken our world, I am inspired when I see people from all walks of life, from all nations and all ages rolling up their sleeves and making the decision to find a way to help.

Each and every one of us has something we can contribute to help us get through this global challenge and perhaps come out even stronger on the other side.

It can be easy to think that if you’re not a front-line health care professional, a scientist or government official that there is really not much you can do to help the situation, but you’d be wrong.

I’ll be honest, what’s going on in the world right now is kinda scary. I have no real reference point in my life that compares to what we are seeing now. Over the past few weeks, my family and I have been hanging out at home and doing our best to maintain social distancing and only really going out when we need groceries or for a quick walk around the block with the dog. I am thankful that going for a quick walk is even a possibility, as I know for many of you it is not. I’m also thankful that we are still able to get groceries and have food in the house.

As a leader I’ve always tried to encourage my team and myself to look for ways to be part of the solution and not stay being part of the problem. And so with this in mind, I’ve been trying to find a way that I can help out somehow with this very serious and very challenging situation we all find ourselves in right now.

I’m not an engineer, so making respirators is probably not going to be my thing (but I have seen some amazing people step up here and I salute you!). I’m not a doctor or health care professional so that’s out and I’m not a medical researcher, so I’m not likely going to be the person to develop the vaccine.

Instead of focusing on what I’m not, I took the route on looking for what I am good at and how that could apply to our current situation. For starters, I happen to know quite a bit about teaching and learning, particularly when it comes online education. I know a lot of classroom teachers out there who have little or no experience in this realm. I also know a heck of a lot of parents out there with kids at home. Like me, they want to help their kids keep learning but aren’t sure where to start. Here is a problem I can definitely help with. With this in mind, I’m starting to make posts for parents and teacher and trying to help people keep learning regardless of their current situation.

Keep in mind it’s not just the kids. A large chunk of the workforce has been laid off. I know what it’s like to be out of work and it’s really important to not let despair and depression rear their ugly heads. You don’t have control over certain aspects of your life right now, which sucks. One of the things you can do is put whatever extra time you have available to learning and developing your skills and trying your best to help out where you can. I’m going to try to help people who are out of work too. There are a lot of free resources that you can leverage online to develop your skills, and I will be doing posts that will tell you all about these soon, so stay tuned.

To finish this post off, I want you to really think about what you can do for your community and your country. We all have talents and skills that can help out and I encourage you to look at the millions of little problems that are out there and see if you can be part of the solution for even 1 of them. Each and every one of us has value and each and everyone one of us matters. If you help even 1 other person get through this, we will succeed!

Ready, set, go!