Looking for your next career opportunity? BC’s life science companies are hiring!

When thinking about Vancouver’s technology hub, it’s easy to gravitate towards thinking about companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Hootsuite and Slack. While these are certainly great companies, what you may not realize is that Canada and BC in particular is a growing hotbed for the life sciences.

According to Gordon McCauley, President and CEO of adMare BioInnovations, when it comes to the life sciences, Canada is a research powerhouse.  With only .5 percent of the world’s population Canada generates 5% of the innovative output, punching far above its weight class. adMare’s mission is to help translate academic life science research into promising new Canadian companies that can scale, helping existing Canadian life science companies scale-up and helping create the next generation of business leaders and innovators that will drive the growth and success of these companies.

For those of you interested in launching an exciting career into a growing and thriving industry, you should definitely be looking at BC’s life science companies. Many people may not realize the variety of amazing opportunities that exist within these organizations, which not only include science and technology roles but also a whole host of business, marketing, human resources, sales, administration, management and leadership roles.

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are host to a growing list of exciting life science companies, including success stories like STEMCELL Technologies, Zymeworks, AbCellera Biologics, Aspect Biosystems, Precision NanoSystems and Notch Therapeutics.

Imagine working for companies who helps create antibodies for combating Covid-19, treatments for cancer, leverage state of the art technologies like machine learning to radically speed up therapeutic drug discoveries, utilize the power of DNA to target and cure genetic diseases or supplying the worlds research scientists with stem cells and innovative lab products that will help contribute to countless future breakthroughs!

Here are just a few of the companies that current have open positions. You just may find your next career in the life sciences!

adMare BioInnovations

STEMCELL Technologies


AbCellera Biologics

Aspect Biosystems

Precision NanoSystems

Notch Therapeutics

For a more complete list of BC’s Life science companies, visit Life Sciences British Columbia.