Welcome to my blog. My name is Richard Hart.

What can I say, I’m passionate about learning and teaching! If you are too, then you’re come to the right place.

I’ve dedicated my life to exploring, researching and finding ways to apply technology, psychology, gaming and computer science to fundamentally improve the way people learn and teach.

As a college instructor, I’ve spent over 15 years helping students learn to master technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I’ve also spent over 4 years teaching online on Udemy.

Outside of my classroom experience, I helped found and run multiple technology companies related to e-learning and educational gaming and worked with companies engaged in augmented reality and mobile learning.

I enjoy actively applying technology to solve real world problems and still actively code and lead a development team. I’m also into developing businesses, creating and deploying new business strategies and contributing to effective leadership.

One of my  crazy far out goal is to leverage everything I’ve learned over the past 2 decades and apply it to create a machine that can teach (like a teacher) and adapt to the unique learning style and starting point of each learner.

You can find me on LinkedIn at https://ca.linkedin.com/in/richardhartca