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Learning Specialist

  • How important is it for your customers to be able to learn and use your product?
  • What are you currently doing to make sure your organization is staying engaged and constantly learning?
  • Have you been tasked to put together training or learning initiatives for your organization but you’re not a learning expert and you really aren’t sure where to start?

Hiring a learning specialist can help!

One of the most important steps in creating a great product or service is making it easy for your customers to use and learn. So how much thought have you put into your product learning initiatives and do you have the right people in place to ensure it’s effective?

In todays high tech world, change is constant. Employee engagement and satisfaction are critical if you want to attract and retain the best talent. So what internal learning opportunities are you providing your team and how are you maintaining your competitive advantage by helping them stay up to date with their skills?

One of the number one reasons employees stay or leave a company revolves around the opportunity to learn and grow in their career. Many HR professionals realize that learning is important but my not have all the skills and knowledge they need to set up effective learning initiatives that engage and empower their organization.

As a seasoned learning specialist, I work with organizations to understand their unique learning needs and objectives.

I collaborate with internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to create effective and fun learning initiatives,  courses and content that learners love.

Online Course Consultant

Maybe you’ve been tasked to spearhead your organizations e-learning initiative or have existing online courses that you need to be reviewed, updated and improved.

Maybe your current learning initiatives haven’t really been working as well as you had hoped and your not sure why and would like some insight.

Perhaps you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or an individual with the urge to share your passion and knowledge with the world. You’ve make up your mind that your going to put together an online course. Now what?

Putting together a great online course takes time and effort and can be a real challenge. Many course creators can become overwhelmed and many give up before they even get started.

As an online course consultant I am here to help coach you on the process of creating an effective online course.

I can …

  • Help you organize and structure your lessons and curriculum so it’s easy to understand and fun to learn
  • Create great content and videos that will engage your learners
  • Update and improve your existing curriculum and courses
  • Show you tips and tricks for promoting your course and growing your audience
  • Help you understand and master the tools of the trade for creating online courses

I can help you get your course off the ground and work with you to take it from good to great!

Augmented Reality Learning and Training Initiatives

Are you or your organization interested in exploring the potential learning and training applications of augmented reality? Augmented and virtual reality are set to became powerful tools for the future of learning and training.

With the the mass availability and increasing power of mobile devices and the decreasing cost of VR headsets, it’s a great time to start looking at how you can start leveraging the power of these tools in your learning and training programs. If am here to assist in the exploration and development of innovative and effective augmented reality learning initiatives.

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